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It’s common to see nonprofits fundraising with pictures of sad dogs, hungry children, black people being disenfranchised, people dying in crackdowns on democracy by dictators, or polar ice melts in a climate crisis that is ravaging the world.

But does giving money to groups that silo – that focus on these individualized forms of justice – really make the world a better place? Not really. Usually nonprofits ignore the intersection that binds all forms of justice together – not what we could do – but who we could be.

That is the baseline for all justice, the one fundamental thing always present in and underlying all claims: People, and people who are disproportionally a product of the conditions in which they are born and develop. We cannot separate our values, like climate restoration, from who we should be. I’ve worked in well-known national nonprofits that made millions while knowingly undoing their work by choosing unjust policies – in what they thought were unrelated areas.

Parent and child riding bikes

Current family policies ensure children are tortured to death by their own parentsmore and more animals are subjected to suffering and slaughter, many other species are wiped out, the gap between rich and poor widens, children are robbed of their potential because we do not invest in them, and each person has less of a say in their political systems – turning town halls where many rule to shopping malls where few rule. These policies have created the political space for the reemergence of abortion and contraception bans, and enable influencers in media to openly push women to have more children to grow economies

Ask anyone making claims of progress in creating a better world to tell the #wholetruth by disclosing their approach to families: 

What are they doing to ensure all children in the world birth and development conditions consistent with the Children’s Rights Convention, like birth equity, backed by climate/biodiversity restoration? 

Are they ensuring minimum levels of welfare for all kids, and equality of opportunity? 

How are they ensuring all children born will have an effective voice in their democracies? 

Chances are the person or organization making the claim is quietly undoing their progress by using an outdated approach to families, one that hurts kids, deepens inequity, destroys the environment, and makes sure the voice of most people does not matter in politics. 

It’s time to tell the #wholetruth. 

Urge any nonprofit you support to do so.

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