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Amboseli Love is working hard to achieve noble ends and is focused on next generations, like Fair Start.

Per their leadership:

The Amboseli Love is a non-profit organization based in Amboseli Kenya. Our primary focus is on Orphaned children, children living with disability HIV/AIDs, Rescued children from early marriages and most vulnerable in the community. Amboseli Village is located in Loitokitok, Kajiado South in Oloolarashi/Olgulului group ranch communal Land. Most Maasais in Amboseli are nomads and live in Manyatta Villages with population of around fifty families. With wife inheritance and wife sharing within age sets poses increased danger in spread and new born with HIV/AIDS. That’s where we Amboseli Love get in to educate the community on the risks of shared love and take over the affected children, educated, feed and nature them to their full potential.

  • Quality Education .
  • Clean Water.
  • Providing an orphanage and girls’ safe house.

Some of the issues they cover:

Well Being

To improve the well- being of vulnerable and underprivileged girls in the maasai communities.


To promote primary, secondary and vocational education to vulnerable and underprivileged girls in the slum communities.


To provide Health care and support services to these vulnerable and underprivileged girls.


To promote income generating opportunities to the vulnerable and underprivileged through Maasai Craft and beading as well as livestock rearing.

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