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The Washington Post recently reported that Hungary is so desperate for kids that mothers of four won’t need to pay income tax. Leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Senator Marco Rubio here at home call for more births to counter demographic declines while at the same time demanding closed borders and blocking migration that could solve that problem.

Nevermind that it’s undeniably racist. These short-sighted, tribalist, and ill-informed cash for babies schemes are regressive as well. Fertility is not limited to national boundaries. The impact larger families have spill out across the world. We know that we are twelve years from catastrophic climate change. Even accounting for closed borders, the resources used by each person impose a significant strain on the planet.

Economists and the media are just as guilty in the hysteria over declining fertility rates. But the bigger picture shows that there is no shortage of people. World population is projected to grow exponentially, despite the growing trend towards smaller families.

Shouldn’t we demand modernized thinking of our leaders and see beyond borders to the world we all share? Our kids and future generations are counting on us.


We can counter the regressive rhetoric. We’re asking the U.N. Secretary-General to recommend smaller families to create a better future for kids. Add your name here. 

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