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Guest author: Mary Jean

We all deserve the best life. Whether you want a happy kid, a happy cat, a healthy environment to live in, or a happy community, all of it can be done with the right policies and carefully designed models. This is where the fair start model also comes into play. It focuses on how intending parents are planning to give their kids a fair start to their life. Communities and families must go hand in hand to make the future secure and bright for the kids and to provide them with a better living standard from the very beginning. Here is what you need to know about the fair start model:

What is a Fair Start Model?

To be precise, the fair start is a child-centric family planning model. It advocates the benefits of having small, sustainable, and equitable families invest more in every child and give them the rights they are entitled to. It helps our mindsets shift from ‘what the parents want’ to ‘what child will need.’ The future of a child is a major concern in the fair start model. 

The fair start model plays a major role in eradicating problems like child poverty, environmental crisis, bloated democracies, and economic inequalities. Overpopulation leads to inequality and gives rise to grave global concerns, primarily being the inequitable living condition that further leads to exploitation of basic human rights. 

How Does This Model Work?

Those who plan to have a child prepare themselves economically and socially first in order to fulfill their responsibility in a better way.

Together, communities and governments play their part to give all kids a fair start in life, leading them to a secure future, and a socially and economically stable lifestyle. 

These efforts become fruitful through a universal ethic of equitable and sustainable families.

What Are the Benefits of the Fair Start Model?

The model keeps kids from falling prey to issues like poverty, and distress from being neglected. The modeling erases boundaries between child welfare programs and family planning by linking needs with resources. Since the model is centered upon when and where the kids will arrive, and what kids will need to have a fulfilling start in life, it urges parents to give themselves enough time to prepare themselves for starting a family. How we plan our families is what majorly determines the quality of lives we will live, both at the societal and individual levels. 

Shifting our focus towards a better future incoming generations surely results in the best outcomes. It gives people an agency over their lives that frees them from excess financial burdens that are one of the major causes of mental health issues. Moreover, family planning curbs the overpopulation that is leading to environmental crises – like the water crises un many parts of the world. For saving future generations, a fair start model is the need of the hour!


The fair start model is undeniably an all-in-one solution. It benefits all the basic domains of the world, such as ecology, economics, democracy, and human rights. It provides us with a solution to live the best of our lives even within our limited resources. You can play your part to bring the much-needed change in our family planning system by practicing the fair start model. Save the planet and resources for future generations to come. 

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