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The concept of child sponsorship is nothing new. We’ve all seen ads about helping a child for some small amount of money per month. But still, childhood poverty persists, and inequality in America is actually getting worse. 

Recently we saw one such ad from the christian charity organization World Vision whose “Chosen” initiative flips the script by having children choose their sponsor.

What if a system like this could be the first choice for parents looking to grow their families? What if instead of having a third, fourth, or fifth biological child, parents chose to keep their families small and direct the resources a new child would need to a child in the world today who chooses sponsorship?

A plan like this would this lead to declines in the devastating impacts of childhood inequality. Plus, smaller families are the most effective way to mitigate the global threat of climate change, so the whole world would benefit. 

TAKE ACTION: Ask the United Nations to lead by example and recommend smaller families

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