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Fair Start Movement: 2023 Notable Highlights and Achievements


We are urging those holding extreme wealth to fund climate reparations as birth and development entitlements. This is the first and overriding human right. Such reparations would ensure that every child gets a fair start in life and restore nature.

Giving every child a Fair Start in life is the only way to empower and liberate people without disempowering others. It is the most just and effective way to resolve the various crises we face today. And there are specific ways to do that. Other nonprofits will not tell you this painful truth, truth like this article: The White Supremacy and Ecocide of Our Current Family Policies

This year:

We were honored to partner with Rejoice Africa Foundation to actually begin implementing Fair Start reforms.

In the climate crisis birth and development reparations taken from wealth that externalized its costs and given directly to families can save lives and restore biodiversity. We can leave wealth at the top of the economic pyramid, and millions will die, or we can pay it back to the future generations – those on whom its true costs are being imposed.

This year:
The Fair Start Movement’s work was covered by leading academic institutions like Stanford University, establishment media like Newsweek, and more revolutionary media like Counterpunch and LA Progressive. We received positive and public feedback from academic luminaries like Professors Philip Pettit and Sarah Conly, at Princeton and Bowdoin, respectively. We chatted with leaders in modern justice and decolonization efforts, like Melanie Joy and Miyoko Schinner.


Many are moving towards the idea that political legitimacy starts with children’s rights, primarily birth and developmental equity defined as an equal and influential role in setting the rules of one’s democracy. Why children’s rights? Children’s rights precede human rights, with the former obligation enabling the latter; each adult’s rights would have started with their rights as a child.

This year:

We announced a Fair Start Certification program backed by a founder of LEED building certification, told true stories of how justice is inseparable from creation, offered climate leaders the most just and comprehensive solution to the climate crisis, urged India to comply with its human rights obligations to children, updated our complaint before the the United Nations setting ecosocial birth equity as the obvious first and overriding human right, and challenged nonprofits to tell the truth about their role in the climate crisis in this article: What’s the #Famscam? Businesses and the Nonprofits They Support Pretended to Reduce Consumption While Simultaneously Undoing the Benefits with Policies That Quietly Adding More Consumers, a Move That Exacerbated the Climate Crisis in a Way That Will Kill Millions.

The Fair Start core tactic, as we demonstrate in engaging regulators in California:

  1. Find deadly greenwashing around terms like “sustainable” and notify the target making the inaccurate claims.

  2. Assess the full damage of the claims – on all five levels, and the fundamental system they helped to sustain.

  3. Contrast (publicly if necessary) role models taking reparative action that shows political legitimacy starts with children’s rights, primarily birth and developmental equity. 

  4. Urge the target to back policies that ensure the conditions in which children are born and raised, including their environment, as well  as resources and role models, are being improved through things like family planning, parenting readiness and delay, birth equity and smaller family entitlements. Given the primacy of children’s rights, young women engaged in fair start demands would have greater justification for using coercion to assure what their child needs than unrepresentative government would have to defend illegitimate property rights created and maintained at deadly cost to primarily children of color. People, not written constitutions, constitute nations and people are born with the need for particular resources in order to develop – they do not merely fall from the sky.

  5. Eventually Fair Start demands can be facilitated with artificial intelligence , as the Fair Start movement develops social media systems tied to a universal climate tribunal that can identify those with just demands, those who should pay, and the correct amounts. Yes, AI gets the basics of Fair Start reforms, and will be key to implementing the changes. 

Fair Start simply urges we afford those in the future the same values we all exhibited throughout our lives: 

  • Minimum thresholds of personal welfare and wealth,
  • Expecting equal access to opportunities irrespective of positionality (the political equity aspect of freedom that precedes personal autonomy)
  • Participating in and adhering to political/legal systems that purported to represent the governed and where each has an influence on the outcome and maintains their relative capacity to choose or control who has power or influence over us
  • Using and enjoying an environment relatively conducive to human and nonhuman health
  • Enjoying the right to have a child in relatively safe conditions

Those alive today must worry about having even one child in safe conditions because our political system encouraged unsustainable and extractive families, families like the Baldwins.

Legal Theory as the Basis for Fair Start Policies
Current baselines for legitimacy start with permitting the exploitation of birth positionality in a way that caused the climate crisis. This contravenes the promise of dignity in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which logically begins with the birth and development conditions – children’s rights – that actually position us (with high levels of fairness-based trust, for example) to constitute free nations. Not starting with children’s rights is fallacious. Temporally, children’s rights precede human rights, with the former obligation enabling the latter; each adult’s rights would have started with their rights as a child. The fallacy derives fundamentally from religion, and the idea that being born poor and positioned to serve the wealthy is an act of god or some other equally subjective source. Given the primacy of procreative justice, the threat of the climate crisis, and the idea that we have a right and maybe a duty to defend others from grave harm, young women would have greater justification to use coercion to obtain protective resources for their future children than the government would have to use coercion to block them.
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