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The idea that every kid deserves a fair start in life — and that ensuring this fair start is the most effective way to protect our environment, animals, and democracy — is gaining traction. From Salon to Newsweek, media are starting to realize how treating family planning as a private matter has created the social and ecological crises that threaten our future. That realization is supported by a raft of peer-reviewed publications, which also light a pathway for policies that can get us and our kids out of the nightmare we are creating for them:

·         We know kids all need a fair start in life to succeed, and Fair Start judicial orders are a simple way to legislate and constitutionalize family planning reform.

·         Those orders can be part of comprehensive state and federal legislation recognizing the incomparable impact of better family planning. It’s the most effective way to help kids, animals, and the environment — in many cases, 10 to 20 times more effectively than downstream approaches.

·         What’s a practical way to ensure fair starts? Recent studies suggest that redistributing resources from the wealthy to incentivize parents to work together to level the playing field at birth, and to improve initial conditions for all kids, will work.

·         Reforming our policies to give every kid a fair start in life is the only way to build democracy from the ground up and comprise the future of people truly capable of self-rule.

Learn more about the only truly fundamental social justice reform at HavingKids.org.

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