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Treason at an existential level does not rely on positive law conceptions of the crime. It simply could mean acting in a way that substantially degrades the security of free and equal people, especially when done for personal gain.

Elon Musk, in order to sell more products and benefit from the cheap labor that unsustainable family planning creates, has pushed for a larger and more powerful China by supporting pro-growth policies there. That’s dangerous, given what China might to do increase birth rates. Not only does that policy exacerbate climate threats to Americans – given China’s emissions – but it would expand China’s reach in threatening Americans militarily, and in violation of the basic rules of human rights and democracy.

TAKE ACTION: Musk benefits from the United States, while also threatening it and true democracy, for his personal gain. Urge those close to him, like @Grimezsz, to speak out and ask him to change course, or find and engage him personally and share your story.

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