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Having Kids’ Open Letter to Prince William and Kate Middleton has attracted a great deal of attention from around the world, with over 50 media outlets picking it up so far.

Instead of discussing the many pressing topics raised in the letter – including the threat the UK faces from climate change, and how family planning is the single most powerful step we can take to address the climate crisis (more) – former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee took to Facebook to imply that I and Having Kids’ Director of Operations should not have reproduced, thus contending that our child shouldn’t exist.

Mr. Huckabee’s attack on my family is obviously an irrelevant cheap joke to play to his fan base. What is more disturbing, though, is how Mr. Huckabee’s snide attack is symptomatic of the head-in-the-sand attitude that ignores all the challenges humanity faces, now and in the future. These challenges include not only environmental degradation, but also rising inequality.

Our single question to our critics is: Do you think every child born today will have an equal and fair start in life?

Do you think Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s grandchildren have the same opportunities as those born in Muñiz, TX?

My husband and I realize, compared to the majority of other children in the US and around the world, our child was born with many advantages. That is why we are dedicating much of our time and resources to helping others, rather than simply pursuing our personal short-term interests.

Instead of attacking and mocking people dedicated to making the world a better place for all, maybe we should reconsider our tone and tactics. We can each help more children have a Fair Start. We hope Mr. Huckabee agrees. Regardless, we hope you will be a part of this work. Thanks!


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