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Many good people struggle every day to change the world and make it better for others. These people:

  •         Provide basic food, shelter, and medical care for those who need it most.
  •         Equalize opportunities by redistributing resources, through charities, from the wealthy to the poorest.
  •         Protect animals and the environment from abuse and destruction.
  •         Help build democracies by equipping and training people to work together to rule themselves.

What would happen if the people doing these things were not just focused on helping people alive today, but also on helping the people coming into this world? What if for every hour of effort people put into doing the four things above, they spent ten minutes helping parents plan their families? What if, in addition, we all:

  •         Worked together so that no child came into the world without being provided with, ahead of their arrival, basic food, shelter, and medical care.
  •         Rather than redistributing resources among adults, ensured that every child got a fair start in life, from the children of the poorest Americans to the President of the United States.
  •         Protected animals and the environment by creating a world with fewer, but more compassionate, people than are alive today.
  •         Equipped and trained every child, right from the start, to work together to govern themselves, rather than to elect others to rule for them.

How do we get there? It’s simple: Instead of investing time and money in another child, families choose to shift those resources, using them to help a different family plan a better start for their first child. We can also change our policies and incentives—from laws to corporate benefits—to encourage families to plan a better start for every child. That’s what Having Kids wants to do, and you can help.

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