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Dear Secretary General,

The climate and inequity crises the world faces today are worsening. They flow, fundamentally, from family planning policies centered around the Cairo Consensus that are anthropocentric, and do not ensure birth equity for children.


These are the facts:

    • You and your family, as well as the extreme concentrations of wealth and power operating in the world today, personally benefitted from these policies, which allowed economic growth that externalized ecosocial costs on the global south, and enabled your children massive head starts in life relative to many regions of the world.

    • These policies violated any reasonable reading of international law, treating the most interpersonal act – creating children – as a personal matter, and in ways that flouted the Children’s Rights Convention – never creating the birth and development conditions all children deserve. These conditions should have been the fundamental baseline for any cost benefit analysis, and failure to use that baseline empowered some at cost to others.

    • Because these policies also degraded actual participatory democracies, where all people matter and have a say in their governance, you do not hold authority or representative capacity through consent, but rather through the coercive political systems of your member states.

    • You have the titular authority to make informal statements to change this course, and to help the UN adopt more regenerative and equitable child welfare policies.


Be effective.

Please tell the #wholetruth – that the fundamental family policies you and all of us simply accept ensure  more and more animals are subjected to suffering and slaughter, many other species are wiped out, the gap between rich and poor widens, children are robbed of their potential because we do not invest in them, and each person has less of a say in their political systems – turning town halls where many rule to shopping malls where few rule. They guarantee children are tortured to death by their own parents. These policies have created the political space for the reemergence of abortion and contraception bans, and enable influencers in media to openly push women to have more children to grow economies.

With the truth the United Nations can move the world onto a track truly consistent with the values of dignity and self-determination at the base of human rights.

Without reforming family planning and child welfare policies you remain in a state of preconstitutionality, opposed to the truly free people constituting a just world using the Children’s Convention as a guiding light. That division is the first border of human power, and justifies action to protect future generations.


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