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Fair Start MOvement

Be effective by improving the conditions in which children are born, instead of waiting to act downstream – when it’s too late. 

Be effective by giving all kids a fair start in life, instead of trying to eliminate massive inequality after the fact. 

Be effective by protecting animals and the environment from human impacts before they happen, not when interventions have little consequence.  

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Effective Giving: 2021 Fundable Projects

Animal Mortality Calculator

carbon footprint calculatorThe Animal Mortality Calculator is currently in development. This interactive tool will show individuals and policymakers in a quantifiable manner, how human population matters to animals. Created alongside experts, our model will use existing interdisciplinary data to measure direct human impact (in animals raised for meat, milk, and other products) and indirect impacts (including habitat loss, traffic-related mortality, and native carnivores killed to protect livestock) on animal life.

Though several publicly accessible animal “impact” resources and calculators exist, none helps individuals easily assess the impact of their family planning decisions on nonhuman life. Our science-based calculator will influence individuals and lawmakers by helping individuals conceptualize the impact of their family planning choices while educating the animal protection movement about the need to include growth policy in our campaigning to reduce animal suffering and death. The upshot is helping to build a sustainable world for animals and future humans. 

Climate Litigation
Support constitutional litigation on behalf of the rights future generations.

Fair Start Direct Action
The climate crisis threatens the safety and security of kids and future generations. We will be speaking truth to power and demanding that those who are most responsible for climate change right their wrongs by funding Fair Start initiatives. Support direct action activities to shine a light on these players and hold them accountable. 

Fair Start Policy
Local legislation adopting Fair Start modeling through Fair Start Bonds in Washington D.C. and San Francisco would significantly slash the rate of wealth inequality and intergenerational poverty and give kids a fair start in life. Help support advocacy efforts.

Funding a Fair Start: Fertility Delay Fund
There is no doubt: waiting to have kids is one of the most important factors in giving kids a fair start. The Fair Start Movement is organizing a Fertility Delay Fund to support this end which in turn results in smaller and more equitable families. Contact us if you’d like to join a growing number of funders willing to change the systems that simply reinforce hierarchies of power. 

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