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What about having kids so corporations can look forward to more customers? No? Well you might be surprised at who thinks you should. Several publications in the last month, including the liberally-minded New York Times have voiced concern that smaller families and women waiting longer to parent “could depress the economy.” They argue that fewer people means less economic growth.

Well, truth be told – there’s not too much to worry about in terms of national growth. The United State is projected to grow by another one hundred million people in the next 50 or so years.

The much more pressing questions are:

  • How much faster will our climate change with 100 million more Americans?
  • How will we make sure our children are in loving families, and not victims of parents like the Turpins who are accused of torturing their thirteen children, producing children in part to model large-family celebrities that gave them hope of starting their own reality show?
  • What will our day to day life and our democracy look like 50 years from now?

Time to push back against the people pushing for larger families? Many of our supporters think so.

Join the pushback at HavingKids.org.




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